1) Where are your masks made?

All masks are hand-crafted and shipped out of Gainesville, Florida. They are created in a safe, sanitary environment.

2) How did your company start?

DandBMasks started out of a community need for safety face coverings. We are proud to have supplied to many local and regional businesses, as well as members of our community. We are also proud to provide a safe and environmental workplace for members of our community during these uncertain times.

3) Do you offer discounts?

We currently offer 10% OFF all orders over 100. It is our way of trying to provide a little help to businesses and communities who need a greater number of supplies.

4) How do I contact you for order questions? Shipping questions? Etc.

We can be reached at DandBMasks@gmail.com. We are currently helping and answering questions, and will get back to you within a 24-hour period to address any issues.